Sigma Software v.2.25.01 Setup Latest Download

Released improvements in the Remove FRP procedure for Huawei Androids.
Added Chinese translation of Sigma software.
Made lots of general software improvements.

Sigma Box Features
Universal multibrand and multifunctional MTK, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Hi-Silicon and TI OMAP servicing solution, not tied to a specific model list
Supports Alcatel, Sony, Huawei, Motorola, ZTE and other popular brands on the market
Available as a box or a dongle
Fast and secure unlock procedure
We have a set of unique service methods: Yoda, Sidewinder, Heuristic
Powerful flash and backup tool with huge archive of flash files (all operator customizations and language packs)
Repair IMEI, including models with 4 SIM cards
Built on the up-to-date platform with ability to upgrade device's firmware
Standalone unlimited solution; no server credits required, no need to select models from the list, just connect the phone and you're ready to go!

New MTK smartphones in the list:
Avvio 787 (MT6572)
Azumi Iro A5Q (MT6580)
Bmobile AX1035 (MT6735)
Bmobile AX600 (MT6572)
Bmobile AX605 (MT6572)
Blu D370 (MT6751)
Blu Vivo Selfie (MT6572)
Blu Dash M2 D090L (MT6580)
Blu Diva II (MT6261)
GIONEE S6s (MT6753)
Eksx X4 (MT6572)
Hyundai E500 (MT6XXX)
HTC Desire 820G PLUS (MT6592)
Polaroid Turbo C5 P5005a (MT6580)
TrueConnect X444 (MT6572)
Lenovo A320t (MT6XXX)
Logic X5t (MT6580)
Nix Alter 5.1 (MT6753)
SKY 4.5LM (MT6735)
M4Tel SS4455 (MT6735)
Micromax A190 (MT6591)
Sendtel Savvy (MT6732)
teXet TM-7868 (MT8382)
ZTE Blade V6 Plus (MT6735)
ZTE Blade L5 Plus (MT6580)
ZTE Blade V6 Max A610 (MT6735)
ZTE Blade A610 (MT6735)
ZTE Blade A315 (MT6735)
ZTE Z820 Obsidian (MT6735)
New MTK phones in the list:
Airtel k306 (MT6261)
Bmobile K360 (MT6261)
GPFE1258CP (MT6223)
MobiWire Pictor (MT6260)
Philips X623 (MT6223)
Philips X5500 (MT6236)
PCD775CPM (MT6250)
ZTE S306 (MT6223)

Qcom Tab:

Improved Repair IMEI feature for Alcatel Qcom smartphones
Updated Fast Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI database
Android ADB Tab:

New models added to the list:
ADVANCE HL 5034 (MT6572)
GIONEE S6s (MT6753)
Techno N9S (MT6735)

Released Remove FRP feature for the newest Motorola smartphones.
This solution should work for:
XT1063 / XT1092 / XT1093 / XT1096
XT1254 / XT1521 / XT1526 / XT1527 / XT1528
XT1540 / XT1550 / XT1557
XT1562 / XT1565
XT1585 / XT1602 / XT1621
XT1641 / XT1643 / XT1644
XT1650 / XT1655
Droid Maxx 2 / Droid Turbo 2
Moto X / X Play / Force / X2
Moto E / E2
Moto Z / Z Play
Moto G Turbo / G2 / G3 / G4 / G4 Plus
Moto G5 / G5 Plus

Improved service operations for Sony Xperia smartphones running on Android 5.0.

Qcom Tab:

Released IMEI repair support for Alcatel smartphones based on 64-bit Qcom processors.
Supported newest 64-bit based devices:
Idol 3
Idol 4
OT-6070 *
OT-I806 *
OT-M823F / M823 *
OT-T500L *
Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 / OT-V900 / VFD 900 *
* Test mode.

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