Flash Tool Xperia Free Download [Latest ]

Are you searching to download flash tool for your xperia? Do you want to flash firmware / ROM, Unlock bootloader, root or debrand xperia? If yes, then you have come to right place. Here, in this post I have managed to share direct link to download Flash Tool for Xperia phones. This best flashing software works for all Xperia phones from X10 to Xperia Z ultra. You can start downloading it using link provided below. But don't forgot to check flash tool features before proceeding to download.

This best flash tool for xperia allows you to upgrade or downgrade your phone. Using flash tool for Xperia you can also easily unlock boot-loader

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Many other features 
  • Root your phone
  • Install recovery, busy-box, custom kernels
  • Clean your rom (remove /system/apps apps of your choice) (Be careful, unless you really know what you do, do not modify the default list. This can make your phone stuck at the SE Logo)
  • Clear dalvik cache
  • Optimize (install of JIT v2) (plugin for 2.1 phones only from 2010 line)
  • Customize (installs apps found in the custom/apps folder of the flashtool)
  • Edit any text file on the device
  • Rebrand your device

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