HTC Smart Tools [Latest] Free Download [Link Updated]

HTC Smart Tools [Latest] 
HTC Smart Tools  latest version is available to download. HTC Smart Tools  is simple CMD application tool allows you to perform verious jobs on any HTC device. HTC Smart Tools  is available to free download and easy to use. If you were already looking to download HTC Smart Tools  then you are at right place. On this page you will find official link to download HTC Smart Tools. Before proceeding to download HTC Smart Tools  here, on this page I am going to talk bit about its features and functions. 
Features of HTC Smart Tools [Latest]

HTC Smart Tools is a simple tool developed and distributed by Habeeb Kambrat. It allows you to do verious task on HTC Smartphones. Below is the functions and features list of HTC Smart Tools.

Flash Recovery
Flash Recovery feature allows you to flash custom and stock recovery on any HTC Device. 

Reboot into Fastboot Mode
using this feature you can boot or reboot into fastboot mode directly from computer.

Factory Reset
By downloading and installing HTC Smart Tools you can perform factory reset on any HTC device. (please always backup your personal data before trying this features) 

Reboot Bootloader
Quickly reboot the bootloader on your HTC Device

More Features
> Zip Flashing
> Lock Recovery
> ADB Devices
> Free Download
> Easy to Use

Supported Operating Systems
HTC Smart Tools  works best with all versions of windows including windows XP, windows 7, windows 8, 8.1 and  Windows 10.
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How to Use HTC Smart Tools 
> Download and Extract [Password:]
> Run hTC Smartphone v3.0 by Habeeb Kambrath.exe
> Follow screen instruction
> That's all