SigmaKey Software v2.17.00 Released [Download Here]

SigmaKey Software v2.17.00 Released [Download Here]
Sigmakey Software Latest Version 2.17.00 is released and available to download from here. In case if you were already looking to download SigmaKey Software v2.17.00 then you are at right place at right time. Here on this page I have listed download for the most recent update of SigmaKey Software. You can grab this latest version by following link shared at the buttom of this post. Before proceeding to download lets discuss what is new in this latest version of SigmaKey Software v2.17.00.

Latest version

Download Sigma Software v.2.19.02 [Latest]

Sigma Software v.2.17.00 

1. New Moto models have been tested and added to the list of supported devices:

♦ XT1225
♦ Moto Maxx
♦ Moto E (2nd Gen)
♦ XT1022
♦ XT1023
♦ XT1040
♦ XT1045
♦ XT1064
♦ XT1072
♦ XT1527
♦ Other models...
> Support for Moto devices 3rd generation has been added in test mode.
> Unlock doesn’t require rooting and bootloader unlocking. 

2. “Data retention error” issue has been fixed 
(appeared in Sigma while working with the newest Moto devices).
There is no more need to downgrade Android version  in order to perform service procedure.
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Download Sigma Software v2.17.00

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