Download Super Wiper v2.1 for BlackBerry

Download Super Wiper v2.1 for BlackBerry

Super Wiper v2.1 is available to download. if you were already looking to grab Super Wiper v2.1 for BlackBerry then you are at right place. On this page I have direct downnloading link for Super Wiper v2.1.. Super Wiper v2.1 is three in one tool for BlackBerry. To grab Super Wiper v2.3 for BlackBerry follow link posted at the buttom of this post. Before proceeding download lets have a discussion about Super Wiper main features

Features of Super Wiper v2.3 for BlackBerry

> Super Wipe: this is first main function of Super Wiper, using this function you can clean all usage data, icluding OS. before using this option I recommed you to backup all your personal data

> Load Rapido: if you want to reinstall Operating System with Rapido method follow below two steps
   -Put the rapido file in C:\program files\Super Wiper 2.1
   -Renamed rapido file as: os_rapido

> Reset BUYR: this is another and last function of Super Wiper. With this feature you can reset counter data that is counted since the device is used. 

File Size: 12MB
Version: 2.1
Supported OS: windows Xp and 7

Super Wiper v2.1 is tested with windows 7 and 100% working correctly. copy and past link provided below to start downloading Super Wiper 2.1 for BlackBerry from mediafire

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