AnDOSid- DOS Tool for Android Download

AnDOSid- DOS Tool for Android Download
Download the best hacking tool AnDOSid- DOS Tool for Android. AnDOSid- DOS Tool for Android is an advanced tools software for professionals to simulate a DOS attack and dDOS on a webserver from Android mobile or tablet. AnDOSid- DOS Tool for Android is only desgined for professionals. So, if you are new to please do not try.  Below we have shared direct link to download AnDOSid- DOS Tool for Android. Proceed and download it using link provided.
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How to use AnDOSid- DOS Tool for Android
1. Download AnDOSid.apk
2.  Install it on your device.
3. Open AnDOSid, you will see a window like this:
AnDOSid opened
4. Tap on the continue button. You will see the tool's main page: AnDOSid android tool
5. Enter the URL of a target website in the "Target URL" field. For example,
6. Edit the payload size. The Default size is 1024 bytes ≈ 1Kb. If you want to increase the stress, you have to increase the payload size.
7. The third box determines the number of milliseconds between each hits. Default value is 1000 milliseconds = 1 second. If you want to decrease or increase the time between each hit, edit the value according to your needs.
8. Tap on the "Go" button to initiate DoS attack/stress testing. Whenever you want to stop hitting, tap on the "Stop" button.

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  1. By Using This App Can I Hack Wifi????
    Please Reply Me Soon

    1. NO, you can not use this application to hack wifi. Try this to hack wifi on your Android device.